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Xerese has been proven to speed up healing and reduce the tenderness of an outbreak.

Clinical efficacy: Xerese vs. acyclovir and placebo

Clinical Proof statistics

It’s important to remember that Xerese is not a cure – there is no cure for cold sores. But, it can help treat the symptoms, reduce severity, and speed healing time in some patients.

Xerese has a potential for irritation and contact sensitization.

What makes Xerese different, Learn about its dual action
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**A double-blind, randomized study of 1,443 patients who received early treatment for 5 days. Subjects were required to have experienced ulcerative lesions in 75% of cold sore episodes in past year.1

A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, active and placebo-controlled study involving 2,437 patients with a history of HSL. Patients were randomized to self initiate treatment with XERESE, 5% acyclovir in XERESE vehicle, or XERESE vehicle (placebo) at the earliest sign of a cold sore recurrence.2

1. XERESE® (acyclovir and hydrocortisone) cream 5%/1% Prescribing Information. January, 2014.
2. Data on file. Valeant Dermatology.

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