About Cold Sores

How to take Xerese

How to take it

5 times a day. 5 day treatment. 5 gram tube

Xerese cream should be applied 5 times a day for 5 days, directly on your cold sore.

You should start treatment as soon as you notice the first sign of a cold sore. Talk to your doctor if your cold sore is not better in 2 weeks.

To get the most out of treatment, follow these simple steps:
day 1Wash your hands.
day 2Clean and dry the skin around your cold sore.
day 3Spread a thin layer of Xerese on the affected area.
day 4Try not to rub the cold sore as this can spread it to other areas.
day 5Wash your hands again.

Don’t cover your cold sore with a bandage after applying Xerese, or use other skin products (make-up, sun screen, lip balm) on or around your cold sore.

Always use Xerese as recommended by your doctor. If you have any side effects that bother you, stop treatment and talk to your doctor.

Think Xerese. Think 5

5 times a day x 5 days.

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